Design: Hans Thyge & Co.


1,00 kr.

Groovy is designed by Hans Thyge & Co. With its distinctive ribs, the chair is non-slip, so you do not slip on the seat. Groovy is available as bar, education, canteen and conference chair.

The shell is made of polypropylene, which means that the chair is extremely durable but at the same time ergonomic. The hole in the shell gives the chair a lighter expression and is suitable as a lifting grip if the chair is to be moved or hung up.

Groovy is available in many colors. If you want upholstery, the chair comes with seat and full upholstery. Armrest is an option.

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Seat shell: Regenerated plastic (polypropylene)

Shoes/gliders: PA6


Seat height: 66/76 cm
Height: 98.5/108.5 cm
Width: 52 cm
Length: 50.5 cm