Tornhøjhaven dementia center

Denmark’s first dementia society

In May 2018, the ribbon was cut to Denmark’s first dementia society Tornhøjhaven in Aalborg.

Clusters of small, newly built houses, a closed off outdoor area, a square with a two stores, and an activity center create a comforting and village-like base for the 72 residents. Here they can receive specialized treatment, rehabilitation, care, and nursing in a protected environment.

Here are no institutionalized elements nor stereotypical long nursing home halls, however, the residents have homey frames where simplicity, comprehensibility, and recognizability are in focus to strengthen their mental and physical health.

The furniture accentuates the hominess
This focus is also prevalent in the houses and the activity center. HOLMRIS B8 delivered all furniture to ensure the hominess and the assortment largely consists of wooden furniture from Schou Andersen – including a couch designed by Friis & Moltke who are the creators behind the whole nursing home.

“The collaboration with HOLMRIS B8 has been wonderful. We have received great advice from our contact person who has immense knowledge about interior design for people with dementia, which made it easy for us to use HOLMRIS B8 as the supplier for the entire solution” Betinna Rønnest, Manager of Tornhøjhaven dementia center

To support the dement residents’ needs in the best possible way, Tornhøjhaven has made several active decisions: for instance, the grey color scale reduces overstimulation and the lack of visual screws on the furniture makes it impossible to take them apart.

Moreover, flexibility of the furniture has been an important demand to ensure the fulfilment of several different and changing needs with the same furniture. And finally, wheels have been installed on everything to make it easy for employees to move things around.