Learning Foils

Together with NERD Architects and Hello Monday, we have developed of a series of learning foils that inspire curiosity to learn and serve as a concrete tool for teaching – in a new, creative and exciting way.

By using learning foils, you can create spaces that are coded to reflect a specific behaviour, with a design that enables the pupils to quickly decode what is possible in the space. Appealing to the senses helps boost motivation, energy and learning.

The learning foils are divided into three series:

The learning product series comprises foils with clear educational content – providing a platform from which to teach.

With a year wheel placed on the floor, pupils can learn, through active involvement, about the seasons and how one year follows the next. They can stand on their birthday month and talk about cold and warm months – or they can see how many months older or younger they are than their classmates.

Similarly, the multiplication table tracks can be used to teach maths, allowing pupils with a kinaesthetic learning preference to learn and memorise their tables by walking, running or side-stepping, while pupils with a visual learning preference can learn and recognise the tables as patterns.


These foils can serve as guides or help set the stage for the purpose of the space.

Many schools work with subject-specific academic environments in lower secondary classes, where strong coding and differentiation of the spaces makes it easier for pupils to decode the subject and the appropriate behaviour in relation to the classwork. Foils underpin the subject matter and can be used actively in connection with teaching, allowing both kinaesthetically and visually stimulated pupils to use the foils to learn the subject matter through patterns and movement.

The Navigate series can also give institutions or departments a clear identity, with the different themes and patterns serving as guides – for example a science room can have Niels Bohr or Einstein on the door.


Flex & Play
The Flex series consists of simple graphic building blocks that can be combined in countless ways as needed and adapted to spaces of any size and shape. The series can also be combined with fixtures to create programmes to promote movement and that can be used in teaching of different exercises.

For instance, circles with numbers can be placed as multiplication tables or as a ‘ruler’ to measure how far the pupils can jump. With Flex & Play, pupils can also learn to combine patterns, forming a foundation for their own play.

And of course, the Flex series can be combined with the Learning and Navigate foils.