Visit the HOLMRIS B8 stand at Trends & Traditions

Visit the HOLMRIS B8 stand at Trends & Traditions

“State of Health” is the theme of the 2019 Trends & Traditions meet & greet event for the furniture, architecture and design industry, which will be held on 2 May at Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen’s South Harbour District.

What are the critical factors for well-being? How can circular economy, value-based technology, communities, and nature – the four sub-themes of the event – make positive contributions in the form of added value, health, and comfort in our working life? At the HOLMRIS B8 stand, we explore this question, which is more relevant than ever, and showcase a range of solutions that deliver these very contributions.

In the following, we present a small sampling of everything you will experience at HOLMRIS B8’s stand.

Communities of the future
Our ways of working are ever-evolving, and the trends of today are collaboration and social interaction. We will be exhibiting a range of solutions that promote community and co-creation – with an unwavering focus on flexibility.

Discover, for example, our bench solutions: closely arranged desks where partitions create a private sphere. This setup is optimum for those working closely in teams, as the partitions also create space for individual concentration.

We also offer a variety of more unconventional collaboration solutions. These include creative environments that combine high conference tables and desks to create a modern look. Creativity and community are also facilitated by staggered-level seating using the Stage box, which can be combined in countless ways to create unique and versatile common areas.

HOLMRIS B8 stand Trends and Traditions - Stage

Well-being and variation with multifunctional furniture
For many people, variation is an essential element of well-being and health – both in relation to how people work and how offices are furnished. We have assembled a collection of solutions where form and function can be adapted on the fly to meet changing needs.

Take, for example, Central Station, a brand new modular furniture series than can be combined to serve as a workplace, a lounge area, a coffee shop, a storage space, and much more.

Another example is the dome-shaped, soft seating IGLOO Hub, which creates a room within the room where you can hold meetings, take a break, or focus on a task. IGLOO Hub meets a wide variety of space-related needs – with a strong emphasis on creating good working environments through good acoustics.  Measurements have shown the IGLOO Hub reduces as much noise as four large partitions.

HOLMRIS B8 stand Trends and Traditions - Igloo

The sustainable choice
IGLOO Hub is not just a shining example of multifunctional furniture. It is also an example of how you can make socially responsible choices with your interior design. This lounge furniture is upholstered with a sustainable fabric from Gabriel made with 98% recycled polyester extracted from used plastic bottles.

Recycled materials are also making waves in learning environments; at our stand you can try out our brand new classroom chair, Viper, made from recycled plastic.

Gain knowledge and value through technology
This year we established a Tech department that specialises in the implementation and operation of IoT-based Workspace Management Systems in our customers’ buildings. They’ll be joining us at Trends & Traditions to share their insights into how the latest technology can help you make the most of your space and improve employee well-being. Using sensors at the stand, we measure the degree of utilisation in a room and offer an introduction to how this can deliver value in your workplace and facilities.

Henrik Holmris, CEO at HOLMRIS B8, says:

“First and foremost at HOLMRIS B8, we create room for people. Room with character. And I look forward to showcasing the possibilities offered by our new solutions to create spaces in line with the themes of the Trends & Traditions event. For example, I think we have some very attractive solutions for personalising desks and social zones in the workplace.”

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