Sustainable Christmas present

Sustainable Christmas present

At HOLMRIS B8, we work every day to create room for people. With character. And we do it with a DNA centered around sustainability. This is the basis when we create solutions that protect the environment and offer people the best requisites possible. Today and tomorrow.

In line with this approach, we have decided that this year’s Christmas present is to support UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and create room in our hearts for the more vulnerable and unfortunate people.

Donations to two projects with focus on sustainable production
We have chosen two initiatives in Bangladesh that both work with sustainable production with people in focus.

  • Job for abandoned women in Bangladesh
    Saidpur Enterprises is a small organization that is built around Fairtrade principles for women in Bangladesh, who are either widows, torture victims, or have been left by their husbands. At Saidpur Enterprises, these women are taught how to sew and are offered a job which allows them to take care of themselves and their families. They produce Fairtrade products using reused materials, cotton, and bast fiber.
    Read more about Saidpur Enterprises here.
  • Job and school offer for the survivors of the collapse of Rana Plaza 2014
    The survivors of the building collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh have started a textile production, Oporajeo, to make money for their families and create a future without poverty. 50% of profits go to ensuring the cooperative, while the remaining 50% go to employees and to support the school, where employees’ children are offered teaching. With an education and a job, the survivors and their families are able to increase their current and future standard of living.
    Below you can see the video about Oporajeo.

These two projects will receive a combined amount of 100.000 DKK to create better conditions for the sustainable production. Apart from the donation, we have also chosen to collaborate with them to produce tote bags made of organic cotton for Trends & Traditions on May 2nd, 2019.

Merry Christmas.