SmartScreen by HOLMRIS B8 contains a table divider and a wall screen on wheels.

The wall screen on wheels can be used to create spaces within an open office landscape or in a school library or study hall. The wall screen can be personalized with many different graphic motifs to add a creative and colorful touch or you can choose it without print in a solid color to create a simplistic look. You can find a wide variety of graphic prints in the SmartScreen gallery.

The table divider can be personalized with a print of your choice from the SmartScreen gallery. You can also choose it without a motif to create a clean and simple look. The SmartScreen can be installed on Holmris Q20 and Q40 work desks to add gentle touch of elegance to any office interior style.

SmartScreen can be installed on Q20 and Q40 tables. The frame of the SmartScreen comes in black or white.

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