Novo Nordisk Campus

Novo Nordisk Campus

Novo Nordisk Campus

Roskildevej 58
3400 Hillerød

Aesthetics, function and sustainability

Inspired by these three key words, the HOLMRIS B8 project team developed a small product line of shelf units and cupboards with matching desks that harmonized in style with Henning Larsen Architects’ circular architectural structure of the building. The process was handled in partnership with Project Manager Mette Hasle from Novo Nordisk and interior designer Vibeke Brinck. She said that she felt confident about working with HOLMRIS B8’s project team, and felt they had all the angles covered.

Novo Nordisk envisaged creating a cozy atmosphere and furniture that employees might well wish to use in their own homes. It was therefore crucial to make the right choice of materials and the right choice of details.

Seven storage units and three desks were produced as prototypes before the team had all the details and the desired design expression in place.

The design process
HOLMRIS B8 took on the assignment with great professionalism and came up with good solutions matching our requests, says interior designer Vibeke Brinck.

“The team included experienced people from both sales and production. As the production facility is located nearby, we had access to samples of the various materials and mock-ups, and could rapidly agree on technical details in relation to the production.”

Among other things, Novo wished to create an exclusive look with durable surfaces and a painted finish for the shelving and cupboard units. At first, we went looking for a technique, which would allow us to make a concealed transition between edge and surface. We found it in Germany, says Henrik Mark Mogensen, Production Director at HOLMRIS B8 and responsible for finding production solutions matching the customers wishes.

Choice of materials
The team chose melamine with laser welded edges. Their choice of material produced the same exclusive look as a painted surface but much more suited for wear and tear. The cupboards have plain oak veneer doors and milled out solid oak door knobs.

The base of the storage units was made black to match the desk frame and legs. The storage units were also designed with front- and backside moldings as this was a better match to the lines and general design of the building.

Sustain the design expression
The cupboard and shelf units are FSC™-certified, adding points to the building’s LEED certification. Also, the electrical control box for the desks, which consumes less than 0,1 kWh in standby mode. The desk is designed with rounded edges and frame in line with the Building Identity Manual.

The Novo Nordisk BA Campus is composed of two buildings with big windows in the ceiling and facade, which take in lots of natural light and sometimes causes glaring reflections.

For this reason, the desks have a linoleum table top in a color specially selected to prevent excessive glare. To camouflage the cable grommets and enhance the exclusive look, they were made in the same linoleum as the table top.