Workplace Management
– from vague idea to facts

Make the most of your square metres with the help of IoT-based Workplace Management Technology.

Does it seem like you have areas that are under-utilised? Are there not enough conference rooms? Or do you often have empty workstations? Or that the physical well-being in terms of air quality, temperature, and indoor climate doesn’t work optimally?

In general, many companies are challenged with the utilization of their office space where the interior often doesn’t support the way the employees work.

We can help you with analysis and documentation.

Our goal is to provide you with a strategically planned interior design to:

  • Optimise the use of your entire floor space
  • Underpin processes and activities
  • Optimise workflows
  • Improve the well-being of your employees
  • Increase the performance of your employees
  • Boost your company’s chances of success in all areas

We can solve this through the tested Workplace Mangement System COBUNDU. COBUNDU is developed by Spacewell, who are one of the best in the market and who have implemented these solutions all over the world and hereby documented significant improvements for customers in many different sectors.

The price per square metre is ten times higher than the price of new furniture and fittings. So if you can improve the utilisation of your floorage by 10%, you can free up funds and square metres for other purposes or even for new furniture and fittings.

From vague idea to facts
By using different sensor technologies, we can map and document

Movement patterns
User experiences
We also focus on unused as well as overly busy areas of room and especially on the experienced satisfaction with the physical frames. In other words, you will get well-documented facts instead of subjective feelings.

Certified partner provides comfort
HOLMRIS B8 is an Spacewell certified partner with our own operational and service organization to make workshops, use-cases, and presentations. At the same time, our certification helps guarantees that we can ensure that the entire implementation and aftersale services are satisfactory. Therefore, we will ensure that the solution meets the goals you have defined.