Heat Mapping
– from vague idea to facts

Heat Mapping
– from vague idea to facts

Make the most of your square metres
and improve the well-being of your staff
with the help of heat map technology.

Does it seem like you have areas that are under-utilised? Are there not enough conference rooms? Or do you often have empty workstations? Many companies feel challenged when it comes to optimum use of their floor plan, and often the existing interior design is not conducive to the way people actually work.

We can help you with analysis and documentation.

Our goal is to provide you with a strategically planned interior design to:

  • Optimise the use of your entire floor space
  • Underpin processes and activities
  • Optimise workflows
  • Improve the well-being of your employees
  • Increase the performance of your employees
  • Boost your company’s chances of success in all areas

The price per square metre is ten times higher than the price of new furniture and fittings. So if you can improve the utilisation of your floorage by 10%, you can free up funds and square metres for other purposes or even for new furniture and fittings.

From vague idea to facts
With the help of heat mapping technology, we can map and document your behaviour, focusing on under-utilised as well peak load areas in your floor plan.

This gives you well-documented facts instead of subjective notions.

Facts about usage and requirements gained from heat mapping can help define a direction for the changes needed to make the most of your floor plan.

In other words: your behaviour today determines your interior design tomorrow.

A strategic review of your interior design using heat mapping comprises:

  • Working with you to pinpoint the areas that aren’t functioning optimally
  • Setting up sensors that register movements and behaviour in the area over a specified period, for instance two months, depending on the size of the area
  • The resulting heat map visualises in different colours your behaviour, peak loads and under-utilised square metres in your existing floor plan
  • These facts are then shared with external experts who recommend, based on the heat map, a new interior design and/or new furniture and fittings
  • Implementation of the improvements based on the heat map to ensure the new solution has optimum effect

We never store personal data
The data collected in connection with the heat mapping process is always handled in accordance with the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data. In simple terms, the Personal Data Act applies to all electronic processing of personal data. It applies to private companies, associations and organisations, as well as public authorities.

  • We ensure that all employees caught on camera during the heat mapping process are anonymised and cannot be recognised
  • We do not record sound in the workplace, so your employees can continue to have confidential conversations in the office during the mapping process
  • We only register movements and not pictures