Service partner

Our ambition is to give you value
in all aspects of our collaboration.

The key lies in the services we have developed and fine-tuned over 80 years in the industry, ensuring you the best possible path towards the right solution.

Purchasing new furniture and interior design solutions can feel like navigating a maze. Our services offer you a shortcut to a successful outcome without all the wrong turns.

Our services have been developed over many years in the industry and based on comprehensive experience with a wide range of different types of organisations, forming a connecting thread in our collaborations with both Danish and international customers.

Our services comprise:

  • Consulting
  • Budget optimisation
  • Project management
  • Production
  • Delivery and installation
  • Environmentally sustainable disposal
  • Quality policy

Good advice can make a world of difference. We want to give you this difference and are always ready to provide relevant and helpful advice on every aspect of the process.

Our consulting is based on our deep roots in the Nordic design tradition and informed by our knowledge of industry developments, environmental considerations and trends. We travel around the world to find the latest trends, so we can share them with you.

With us, you get a knowledgeable sparring partner – always on our toes and happy to take the lead when it comes to innovation and challenging the norm.

We also regularly establish exciting, new supplier agreements, giving you a relevant, varied and up-to-date product mix, with the added benefit of dealing with a one-stop shop.

Budget optimisation
Regardless of whether we serve you as a traditional dealer or as an external purchasing agent, our goal is always to give you the best value for money.

With our experience, versatile skills, purchasing volume and unique understanding of processes, we can significantly optimise any decorating budget. We have created a model that gives you transparency, control and benefits without having to involve too many internal resources.

Project management
Our project managers keep their eye on the big picture without losing sight of the details, enabling them to optimise every stage of your project. They ensure the entire process comes off without a hitch, so you can relax and focus on other things.

We can be involved in your project from the earliest stages with the developers and architects to help with logistics, coordination, delivery planning, scheduling and more, and we can maintain a watchful eye until the last screw is in place.

With several Danish factories – each with their own speciality – we can realise your needs and dreams for customized solutions.

Are you looking for input or good ideas for finding the perfect solution? The Workshop is our unique skills centre with smart and creative minds that produce superior results in collaboration with architects and other stakeholders.

Delivery, installation and maintenance
The experienced and dedicated team in our in-house logistics department ensures you always receive the correct order at the right time and place. They coordinate orders from multiple suppliers, pick up any loose ends and guarantee you complete and professional delivery.

From here, our specially trained installation technicians take over, to assemble and install everything correctly.

Environmentally sustainable disposal
Our circular economy mindset plays a part in every stage of our involvement. Especially when it comes to disposing of your used furniture.

Our subsidiary, HOLMRIS B8 Circular, specialises in refurbishing and recycling your quality furniture in a sustainable manner, or donating it to associations and institutions. Any furniture that does not meet the criteria for repurposing or donation is disposed of in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Read more about our environmental policy and recycling here..

Quality policy
Our unwavering focus on high quality is anchored at every level of HOLMRIS B8 and in everything we do.

We also guarantee you get the highest quality from our supply chain, thanks to our proactive system of continuous measurement, testing and evaluation of our suppliers according to a wide range of criteria.

Read more about our certifications here..