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Services that boost your bottom line.

We provide our services to create value for you. For example, through a streamlined process, optimised budget, cleaner environment or customized design. We offer a wide range of services anchored in our many years’ experience and unique competences. Here, you can read more about the services we offer.

Service partner

We help you make the right decisions, stretch your budget a little further, pick up the loose ends in your project, ensure correct delivery and installation, and give your used quality furniture new life through reselling or donation.


Take advantage of modern technology and let our growing selection of systems and solutions make your work easier, while also saving you time and money. We make it easier for you to optimise and gain a clear overview of your furnishings.


Focus on your work, while we handle the interior design process from a to z. As your independent consultant, we can be your wing man and utilise our vast experience and knowhow to implement and optimise comprehensive and complex interior design processes.

Circular Economy

With our sustainable recycling service, your company can safeguard the environment and take responsibility. We specialise in reselling, environmentally sustainable disposal and donation of your used quality furniture to volunteer organisations and schools.

Customized Solutions

Do you have specific wishes for a piece of furniture or an interior design concept? HOLMRIS Customized Solutions can make them a reality. At our own workshop, we challenge the ordinary with innovative thinking, creativity and superior craftsmanship to develop made-to-order solutions customized to your wishes and needs.