Podcast about why you should buy trees

Podcast about why you should buy trees

Why has HOLMRIS B8 taken the initiative to purchase trees to off-set CO² emission from furniture production when you make a furniture purchase? You can learn more about this in two special episodes in the podcast series “Sustainable Business”, in which Steffen Max-Høgh Sustainability Director at HOLMRIS B8 explains the concept and discusses it with experts.

Five years ago, he had the idea to plant trees. The idea has grown as he has researched the benefits of this sustainable initiative and now HOLMRIS B8 will start planting 25,000 trees in a recreational forest.

Here is an overview of the people involved and the topics covered in the podcast episodes:

  • The effect of trees on clean ground water – Lars Schrøder, CEO Aarhus Vand (waterwork, red.)
  • Planting the future’s forests – Lars Jensen & Kim Nielsen, Growing Trees Network Foundation
  • CO2 storage – Palle Madsen, forest and tree professor
  • Maintenance of nature in a growing city – Bünyamin Simsek, Council member in Aarhus municipality for environment and technique