strengthens sustainable focus with HOLMRIS B8 Circular

strengthens sustainable focus with HOLMRIS B8 Circular

At HOLMRIS B8, we offer our customers a sustainable recycling service of used furniture that has become quite popular with a growing number of companies. Now, this service is changing its name from 3R Kontor to HOLMRIS B8 Circular.

Sustainability, social responsibility, and circular economy are at the top of many companies’ agenda. Both because it makes sense in the big picture and because customers demand it. This is also felt at HOLMRIS B8 – one of the leading Nordic companies within the professional furniture market.

Over the last three years, HOLMRIS B8 has offered customers to purchase their used furniture and either resell it or donate it to organizations or associations. Because sustainability is an integral part of our DNA. In every process. In every product. This service is performed by the independent business, 3R Kontor, which is becoming increasingly recognized by many small- and medium-sized companies.

Henrik Holmris, CEO of HOLMRIS B8, says:

It has become much more important for our customers that they can get rid of their used furniture in a responsible and sustainable manner. The fact that they can get it done by the same supplier of their new furniture saves them lots of time and hassle. Therefore, the expertise and competencies possessed by 3R Kontor provide an important differentiation parameter for us and we want to visualize both the expertise and the association with a name change.”

Apart from creating a closer connection to HOLMRIS B8 with the new name, HOLMRIS B8 Circular has also moved from Aarhus to HOLMRIS’ old domicile in Bjerringbro to be physically closer to the headquarters on Martin Bachs Vej.

The previous 3R Kontor warmly welcomes the name change:

“As the front-runner of sustainability, we are happy that circular economy and social responsibility receive more attention from our customers and especially in such a large organization as HOLMRIS B8. We definitely want to improve the way both Danish and Nordic companies think about circularity when it comes to both furniture purchase and disposal. As HOLMRIS B8 Circular, our sustainable concept can reach more people and it strengthens our effort and thereby the sustainable output,” says Steffen Max Høgh, CSR-manager of HOLMRIS B8.

Leasing furniture is the future
The sustainable output is further strengthened by the focus of the future collaboration of HOLMRIS B8 and HOLMRIS B8 Circular. They believe that the furniture business to a greater extent will start focusing on leasing furniture, which makes it even more important to be able to take used furniture and refurbish it.