Furniture collection with express delivery

Furniture collection with express delivery

Do you need the change your office decor?

Maybe you need more furniture or other types of furniture than you used to?

Whether you are looking for work desks, meeting tables, storage, chairs, or lounge furniture, we are ready to ship them to you within 10 business days when you choose furniture from HOLMRIS B8’s Nordic Collection.

10 days. All year.

The collection is based on Nordic design and solid, Danish craftsmanship, and this makes the furniture some of our most popular in our product range.

Explore the Nordic Collection here:

cabale møde og arbejdsbord

One of the series in the collection – Cabale – offers you both work desk, meeting tables, and high table. The iconic frame with the distinctive diagonal legs challenges the classic straight lines and adds character to the décor.

Create consistency and use Cabale in office areas, meeting facilities, and foyer.

H4 og q20

Are you going for a more minimalistic look with classic clean lines, you should take a look at H4 and Q20 work desks.


Clean desk
Don’t let cables, pens, papers or alike overshadow your work desk’s minimalistic design. In the Nordic Collection, you will also find cable trays, powerdots, control panels for sit-stand tables and much more to help you keep a clean desk.

Flexible lounge furniture
If you are looking for a piece of furniture which can be used for short, informal meeting or functions as a natural gathering point at the office, TWEET is ideal for these purposes. TWEET is a soft seating collection of different types of modules which can be combined in various ways.