FlowFactory, winner of school building of the year 2017

FlowFactory, winner of school building of the year 2017


Chr. X’s Vej 39
6100 Haderslev

FlowFactory is hard to miss on the Harbor in Haderslev.

The noteworthy building towers above its surroundings with its slanted angels and large glass walls. The interior is even more notable with obvious functions and clear colors. These elements contribute to a space for a Higher Preparatory Examination Course, where the future is cultivated and digital solutions are paramount.

In October 2017, the school was awarded best school building of the year because of how pedagogy and architecture function together.

FlowFactory was designed by the talented architects from ZENI while HOLMRIS delivered the furniture.

What do the students think of FlowFactory?

How do the students experience the school building of the year?

We met with Valdemar, Rebecca, and Benjamen in one of the grey meeting boxes that function as small project rooms. The majority of teaching at the FlowFactory is project-based, and Valdemar highlighted that the interior design “fits with the teaching method.”

The FlowFactory vision for teaching and the requirements that the teaching method has for a learning environment. The phases that students go through in their project are reflected in the colors and functions chosen for the interior design solution.

An example of this is the red communication space with a staircase to sit on, where the listeners are focused on a large screen and the speaker.

”We use the red space when we do presentations like today, so everyone can sit together on the staircase. It makes sense when someone is presenting while others are listening.

Winner of school building of the year 2017

VUC’s school building, FlowFactory, in Haderslev was awarded school building of the year in 2017.

Space and teaching method go hand in hand

When students are introduced to their upcoming project, they go down to the large teaching space at the ground floor.

The space is divided with a large module that creates small boxes, which function as areas for group work that are utilized during projects. All three students highlighted this element as something speciel.Rebecca noted:

”We have the open teaching space and in this space there are these boxes, where we can do group work. This works really well. Also in terms of sound level and akustics. The acoustics are completely different compared to a classroom.”

Benjamin added ”It is great that it is an open space where there are still these small, closed spaces, where it is possible to concentrate”.

What can others learn from the Flowfactory?

The three students believe that other schools can learn a lot from the FlowFactory. Their suggestion is as follows:

”Create an open, create, and light environment. The lighting in here is great and that is really nice. Others should be inspired by this. Create a different classroom. We have project boxes, we have a couch, and we have a long table, where we eat. We have an open room that is different compared to the traditional classroom. And our teachers are always with us. They sit and work in the same room as us, so we have easy access to them”.